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Discover the Wisdom your animals want to share!
Meet Janet

Janet Jones Johnson


Mission Statement: "Sharing the wisdom of animals with their humans to bring understanding and peace to all."

                    Meet Janet

       Soul Level Animal Communicator ®
                 & Reiki Level 3 Practitioner

My connection to animals really began before I was born.  Mom's cat who purred her tummy daily while she was pregnant with me was the first. That wonderful cat became my closest friend, confidant and teacher. We had an effortless heart to heart relationship that allowed us to always know what each other was thinking. She always knew just when I needed extra support and would magically appear.




She set the stage for the parade of animals of all kinds to follow. Each one had a different role to play and I loved them all. Not surprisingly,  gratitude to animals and the desire to keep them healthy as long as possible led me to a career as a veterinary technician.

During the health crisis of my four year old duck, Ansel, animal communication found me. Ansel was using what little energy she had to resist the treatment prescribed to save her life. I was terrified that I would actually be the one to kill her while trying to administer treatment. So when a friend suggested an animal communicator she used, I said, “ok, let’s try it.” Results were astounding. Immediately following the communication, Ansel did not fight being treated, she actually opened her beak (for tube feeding) and stood perfectly still. It was the piece of the puzzle that lead to her return to health. She is now 17 yrs old.

Animal communication led the way to an exploration of Reiki (a Japanese energy healing modality) that facilitates healing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual).  An environment is created that stimulates appropriate healing responses within each person or animal. I offer distant treatments.

Over the course of the past year I have studied Soul Level Animal Communication ® with Danielle MacKinnon. Animals in my own life have been instrumental in my personal growth. This training has taken that understanding to amazing new levels. Assisting animals & their humans is an undeniable passion for me. I am here now to be of service and help you find "peace in the process" of your journey.    




Why Soul Level Animal Communication

Why Soul Level Animal Communication®?

It can help with


Helps identify what your animal needs or wants?

Behavior Issues

Increases mutual understanding and facilitates behavioral changes.


Leads to deeper relationship with your animal. You and your animal become true  partners.

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 Support in those final         days & Beyond  

How do I know it's time?

Would my animal like to pass on it's own or with assistance?


Can ease the pain       of grief with          reconnection


Can replace guilt with healing.

      Gently offers guidance.



"Janet's beautiful description of my energy really hit home and brought tears of truth to my eyes. Her description of our canine companion Darla's physical and energetic traits was precise and spot on, while the soul lesson Darla came in with touches me to the soul. The answer to the question I asked Darla alleviated a nagging concern I felt about her future. Janet has a bright future as a professional animal communicator."

~ Ellen Campbell


Deepen your Connection

Do you have difficulty making decisions on your animal's behalf? 

Bring your animal into the conversation.

Experience healing together.


30 minute Animal Communication Reading         $35

Intuitive reading of you and your animal. You can ask one question of your animal and also receive the soul level lesson your animal is in your life to teach you.

45 minute Animal Communication
Reading          $50


Time for 2-3 questions and/or an additional animal. This amount of time also allows for greater potential depth in a reading. 

 30 minute               Distant Reiki   Session             $35                             

For both humans & animals.

Usui Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that is used to create

relaxation and an environment

conducive to self healing.


Discovery Begins Here


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